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June 28 2013


On-Site Assembly Problems Solved By Natlass

Having troubles with regards to the use of time when setting up something new is a common concern of the people. It cannot be avoided. Supervising the entire operation is on top of the list and furniture assembly may be at the back of the minds already. You do not have to worry as long as you hire National Assembly Services.

The amount of work that needs to be done is not a problem for their technicians. No matter if it is only a single object, an in-home office, or a complex office floor, their on-site assembly will be of quality that you expect from only the best; consistently and efficiently. National Assembly Services’ technicians are professionally trained and have undergone several screening procedures. This process lets us determine who we are hiring for the services that we need most. NAS does not hire employees with a shady background. They make sure of their customers. They are also fully insured by the company, making their employees a non-liability. NAS also ascertains their customers of services within 30 days after the completion of the work. This is for the total satisfaction of their clients. Just call them and they will be at your doorstep attending to your furniture needs.

Setting the schedule of the assembly is never a problem when you trust National Assembly Services. They make use of the most modern scheduling techniques developed. This makes them the most efficient in delivering the services they provide while still considering the convenience of their clients. They aim to finish the furniture assembly within two days from its delivery. But, working with the best does not limit you to offices. It allows their technicians to grow and develop skills that can be used in making on-site assembly of appliances. This is essential for the clients’ other needs such as equipments for the gym or home entertainment.

After 19 years in the assembly service, National Assembly Services knows the importance of first impression in order to maximize the sales. This is the most meaningful aspect that clients look at before choosing which is to be assembled in their homes; and working with the top manufacturers in the industry has taught them a lot. Upon your request, just state the brand and the model that you would like them to work with and they will get the job done. Whether you need someone to assemble, repair, or maintain your furniture - just name it and they can do it for you.

The mother company of NAS, SPAR Group Inc., has been a global supplier of in-store merchandising services. They have been trusted by multiple companies and store owners in over ten countries, making connections along the way. This is to the benefit of NAS in which it shall give them insight to improve their services for the benefit of their customers.

They have been the best in in-store merchandising services for over 40 years now and it has been to NAS’ benefit. They are able to update their services in a global aspect and they do not look to stop - a 98% completion rating has proven that.

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